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Since day 1 of the school’s birth, WASNJ has insisted on a high-standard procedure for recruiting staff around the world. So far till now, we have 110 Chinese teachers and foreign teachers.  All of them have diversified teaching background for working in bilingual schools, expatriates schools or highly prestigious local public schools.    With at least 10 years teaching experience of them, above 63% of foreign teachers own master’s degree. Coming from the UK, USA, Australia, France, etc, majority of them were educated in world-top institutions.
  • Shiqi Burton
    Head of Chinese Studies
    Shiqi Burton

    Graduated with a master’s degree in Education from Boston College USA, Ms. Shiqi Burton is also a registered VIT、NESA teacher in Australia. Prior to joining WASNJ, she taught in schools across the world including St. Paul’s USA, Caulfield Grammar School Australia, and Abbotsleigh Sydney where she undertook roles as Chinese teacher, learning mentor and also served as a marker for university entrance exam in NSW. Shiqi accumulates tremendous international teaching experiences during recent 12 years, meanwhile owns considerable expertise in curriculum design, instruction, and boarding system. She has participated as program instructor for international exchange program Where There Be Dragons and worked as the program leader. Beyond teaching for school students, Shiqi also taught Chinese language to learners from universities, foreign consulates and multinational corporations. 


    Shiqi is dedicated to experiential learning and believes that education goes beyond the classroom since learning opportunitites are everywhere. She hopes that she can help students in Wycombe discover who they are and their place in the world. In her free time, Shiqi likes doing Yoga and outdoor activities. Companied by her husband Matt and daughter Bronte, Shiqi is very much looking forward to starting her new journey at WASNJ.  

  • Sandy Sha
    Head of Chinese Language & Culture
    Sandy Sha

    Ms. Sandy Sha has a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language Literature from Minzu University of China and a master’s degree in TCFL from University of Massachusetts USA. She used to taught in Vassar College US, where helped building her consolidated understanding of cross-cultural teaching. Sandy values student-centered teaching methodology and believes that young people can be greatly inspired through reading literature.  

  • Julie Li
    English/EAL Teacher
    Julie Li

    Ms. Julie Li by herself is a demonstration of global citizen and global learner. She owns a bachelor’s degree in Computer Studies from Beijing University of Technology China, a master’s degree in Fundamental Computer Science from University Paris VII France, and a PGCE from University of Exeter UK. Julie has worked as a professional language educator in Nepal for nearly 5 years following her 10 years’ teaching career in UK. She is very conversant with British curriculum as well as IB curriculum. Ms. Julie Li’s profound experience in establishing international exchange programs for schools will certainly benefit the learning community here at WASNJ.

  • Hyeyoung Kim
    Art Teacher
    Hyeyoung Kim

    Ms. Hyeyoung Kim owns a PGCEi (International) UK, a bachelor’s degree in Korean Painting from National University of Incheon Korea, and a master’s degree in Fine Art (Merit) from Anglia Ruskin University UK. Specialized in Korean painting, children’s book illustration and sculpture, Ms. Kim has an outstanding history regarding her personal achievement in professional art exhibitions and publishing. Mr. Kim believes that visual arts empower students’ creativity thus awaken the sleeping artist inside each of them. 

  • Pujing Zhang
    Lower School Chinese Teacher
    Pujing Zhang

    Ms. Zhang owns a master’s degree in Second Language Acquisition from University of Windsor, Canada. She had previously undertaken teaching roles at Queen’s Elite Academy of Canada, Appleby College and other top schools in Canada. She also taught at Dulwich College Suzhou. Ms. Zhang is an expert in bilingual education and good at delivering individualized learning for students. Her classroom engages students with active thinking and interactions. Ms. Zhang values communication with parents and sees that as a crucial part for a complete learning experience.  

  • Cherry Sudcalene
    Lower School Primary Teacher
    Cherry Sudcalene

    Mrs. Sudcalene is currently studying for her master’s degree in Science education and has been teaching in an international school at Nanjing for 18 years. She began her career as a EAL teacher and had helped a lot of Chinese students improving their English skill. Cherry also worked as a homeroom tutor at a primary school where she taught students Math, English and Science.


    Being an active life-learner, Cherry loves to learn about each student and learner. She encourages student to observe the world with their own eyes, and gives a lot of credit to the impact of learning partner. She likes her life here in Nanjing and enjoys exploring local culture with her family.  

  • Shuhan Liu
    Lower School English Teacher
    Shuhan Liu

    Ms. Liu has a master’s degree in Translation from Hohai University. She’s fluent in both English and French. She owns 8 years teaching experience in Nanjing and used to work as the Head of English for 2 local schools. Ms. Liu was also member of the judge panel for CCTV Star of Outlook English competition (Primary). 

  • Ye Zhu
    Early Years Foundation (Kindergarten) Teacher
    Ye Zhu

    Ms. Zhu owns a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Beijing Normal University and Level 2 Teacher Qualification Certificate. Her 14 years career gets her involved in a numerous roles both for teaching and education management. Ms. Zhu believes that playing games can benefit children and every child is unique.  

  • Ping Yin
    Early Years Foundation (Kindergarten) Teacher
    Ping Yin

    Ms. Yin is graduated from Central China Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. She owns TQC for Kindergarten and AMI Montessori 3-6 Diploma. Ms. Yin’s 16 years career includes 4 years overseas professional experience followed by her teaching roles at a few international kindergartens in Nanjing. As an expert in bilingual education, Ms. Yin values respects and caring for every child. She believes that an educator’s job is to discover the individual talent in every kid.