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A world leader in boarding education and a place where academic excellence, empathy and integrity thrive.

Wycombe Abbey UK was founded on 23rd September, 1896 by Miss Frances Dove, later known as Dame Frances.


Wycombe Abbey UK has been a top independent boarding school in the UK as well as in the world for more than 120 years. The school has been nominated as School of the Year by the Sunday Times on multiple occasions and is consistently one of the top schools in the UK exam League Tables. In 2018, the school ranked first in the UK for its A-level exam results.


In addition to its impressive academic achievements, Wycombe Abbey's emphasis on holistic education provides an opportunity for students to excel in sports, music, arts and many other types of co-curricular activities. It pays special attention to fostering creativity, imagination, leadership, a sense of responsibility, cooperation, and perseverance in its pupils.

Each year sees graduates of Wycombe Abbey UK entering world top universities, with 35% being admitted into Oxford University, and others being admitted into Russell Group universities in the UK and top universities in the USA such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

The schools which Wycombe Abbey Schools International have developed and continue to establish in China, sister schools to Wycombe Abbey in the UK, draw on an exceptional heritage of educational excellence, bringing together the best of East and West and catering to Chinese and international pupils from kindergarten to Year 13. We are committed to establishing internationalised schools with an ethos of true holistic education, providing an opportunity for students to excel in academic study, sports, art, music, drama and a whole range of co-curricular activities, preparing them to be confident, responsible, independent and highly skilled global citizens.



Every child in our Wycombe Abbey Schools is treasured and considered unique. We believe that every child can achieve individual excellence if they are given enough opportunities and encouragement.
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