All-Round Care
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A student-centred and holistic education

At the core of Wycombe Abbey Schools' holistic education lies our belief in "Education Beyond the Classroom". To inspire each pupil to be "an all-round person", we insist that each teacher should be an "all-round person". They should present themselves as good examples for our pupils to follow, with impressive professional accomplishments, great character and boundless energy. By guiding our pupils in all that they do, we encourage them to make continuous progress in their academic studies, in paying attention to their physical and mental health, in developing their social skills, interests and ambitions. Of course, pupils will not only learn from the good example of adults but also learn from their peers, individually and as part of a team, so that they benefit from a complete learning experience.


In class, cross-disciplinary learning, project-based learning, cooperative learning and inquiry learning activities build pupils' capacity for independence, teamwork and problem-solving. As an important supplement to academic study, extra-curricular activities (ECAs) and outward-bound activities give each pupil abundant opportunities to experience new challenges in real life, through which they will learn how to communicate and cooperate with each other, analyse problems from different perspectives, develop their capacity for innovation and foster key aspects of their character, such as self-respect, confidence and perseverance. Facing diverse challenges both in and out of the classroom, pupils will develop in an all-round way and gain vital all-round life skills and values, including for their academic studies, their physical and mental health, their empathy for others, their social and cultural identity, their enthusiasm for lifelong learning and self-reflection, their cross-cultural understanding and tolerance, their sense of adventure and their innovative spirit and their understanding of responsible global citizenship.


We want our graduates to be clearly aware of their goals in learning and in life, to construct a personalised pathway for learning and development in line with their own needs and to be able to utilise their excellent all-round abilities to deal with unexpected problems and challenges in a rapidly changing world. Only pupils who have such capabilities will be able to have a clear goal in life, and to cope with the many changes and challenges of an uncertain future.