Why Us
About Us Why Us
Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing offers an education that blends the best of Chinese and British education. We have the best interests of our pupils at heart, and hope to build for them a path leading to the most renowned universities across the world as well as to successful careers.


  • High-Quality Education Resources
    Highly experienced education experts and high-equality resources
  • Academic Excellence
    Student-centred teaching model integrating best practice in Chinese and Western education
  • All-Round Pastoral Care System
    A house & tutor system modelled on the best private schools in the world
  • A Wide Range of Specialist Extra-curricular Subjects
    Excellent courses in music, sports, drama and art
  • Holistic Education
    A holistic education focused on meeting future challenges and opportunities
High-Quality Education Resources
Wycombe Abbey Education Group has an excellent reputation in education in China, benefitting from a team of highly experienced education experts, both in China and overseas, creating high-quality educational resources.
Academic Excellence
Wycombe Abbey Schools' academic performance is outstanding. We blend the best of Chinese and British education, utilising a highly interactive and student-centred teaching model and building an academic system that integrates Chinese and Western education.
All-Round Pastoral Care System
Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing has fully embraced the house & tutor system used so successfully in boarding schools overseas and has drawn from the class teacher system in China to provide a highly effective all-round pastoral care system. This system is integrated into all aspects of daily teaching and school life, thereby fostering students’ self-discipline, self-confidence and independence while making the teacher-student relationship closer.
A Wide Range of Specialist Extra-curricular Subjects
Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing is particularly focused on students' all-round development. We offer students a wide range of specialist extra-curricular subjects, such as music, sports, drama and art, so as to inspire them and develop their full potential. In addition, the super-curricular courses created by Wycombe Abbey Schools provide pupils with opportunities for academic extension classes, outward bound activities and practical projects which help them develop their capacity for innovation as well as their independence, self-respect, self-confidence, perseverance and all-round strength of character.
Holistic Education
Wycombe Abbey School Nanjing draws on an exceptional heritage of holistic education and has carefully selected an extensive range of extracurricular activities as well as extended courses designed to build pupils' strength of character and to encourage their proactive learning, independence and ambition.